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Things to Do – COVID-19 Edition

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This week’s edition of Things to Do shows a shift due to COVID-19. Kids are home from school for awhile, and many parents are working from home, or being asked not to work. It’s a stressful time for a lot of folks, but we’re here to try to help. Gathering ideas from all over, we’ve got a list of ideas of things you CAN still do.

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The outdoors has not been closed or cancelled, and the sun is shining! Get a jump on your spring yard cleanup by sending the kids to pull weeds or pick up dog waste. Go for a walk outside! One of our friends did a photo scavenger hunt in downtown Coeur d’Alene with their kids. Another friend set up hay bales in the backyard so their kids could practice their archery skills. It’s much easier to practice the 6-foot social distancing rule when you’re in the great outdoors than inside a confined building. Besides, Friday is the first day of Spring, so celebrate it!


People who are working from home may be having a hard time working through the distractions of kids, pets, lingering housework, noise, etc. As real estate agents, we often find ourselves working from a variety of settings, like our homes, from our cars, or from an open house. The best advice we can offer is to still treat your job like a job. Get up at the same time, get dressed, and start working at the same time. Take a moment to stand and stretch from time to time, refocus your eyes and your mind, and then get back to work. Take your lunch at your normal time, if possible, and nourish yourself. And try to remember the silver linings of the situation. Less commuting must be nice, right?

Others are just being told not to come in. The lucky ones are still being paid, but many are not. This is a frustrating and stressful time for those folks, and our hearts are with you. We hope you are able to fill your time with activities that will also fill you up. Are you doing the things you always say you want to do but never have time to do? If your gym is closed, are you keeping up your workouts at home? Do any of you have a side hustle you can be devoting more time to now?

With Kids

There are SO many posts coming along with ideas for what to do with the kids while they’re home from school. Some school districts have already sent parents some resources for schooling and education. But when the word BORED comes up, check out this site for 125 Things to Do with Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine. This link also has some great resources to help with the educational side of things as well. It’s also a good idea to check your school district’s website for updates as we all work through this together. Don’t forget about the museums and zoos that are doing free virtual tours!


Look for the helpers, or try to be one. Do you know someone who is elderly or in a high-risk group? Those people may be needing groceries or other forms of help. Check on them. Those folks are likely practicing self isolation to avoid getting sick, so dropping off groceries or supplies would be helpful. Do you know kids whose only meals come from school? Members of our community have been preparing and delivering sack lunches, or offering them for pick up. There are young members of our community whose only safe place was at school, and now they’re not going to school. If you are able, see where a need can be filled and try to help fill it. That sense of community spirit is one of the biggest reasons why we love were live.

Using Technology

Social distancing is not the same as social isolation. Keep in touch, check in on your friends and loved ones. Call, use FaceTime or Zoom,or even Google Hangouts. One of our coworkers said her family was playing Zoom Bingo! Everyone logged in at the same time so they could see and hear each other and they played bingo together from their own homes. Universal is using technology to release movies straight to homes via On Demand since movie theaters are closed across the nation. You can still do movie night with the family! There are so many ways these days to stay in touch, and while that has meant less meaningful connection in a lot of cases, this is our chance to turn all that around.

So friends, stay safe, practice good hygiene, and let us know if you’re needing help. Have a great weekend!

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